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Interview from Awaken By Blood

Awaken By Blood is a new metal band from Greece.They prepare to release their first EP and videoclip and already done some very goods live!Is a rising power for greek metal scene!Let hear what say guitarist and founder of band Billy Sinner.

ML : Bill tell us a short band's bios.

BS : The band started in September 2012 as a simple project that i would write my ideas,but less than a month after i decided to find members to get a form as a band . First thing came to my mind is our bass player and my brotherly friend, Nikos Panousopoulou , who is the only one that has stayed with the band from the begin,while the other members have changed ,unfortunately, several times. From the band passed members like Joni Moas for one live, the Rou Vale (Bow to the King), the Titania, Joanna David and Elia Krassas ( Absense ) . Now the band is composed by me on guitar and vocals , the Revekka Tsou on vocals, Alex "Baal" in place of lead guitarist, Nico P. on bass and drums Toli Mist . We do three live, the first was in December 2012, a festival -contest in Ghost House, where we took the fourth place among eight bands , 20 days later invited us to play for the "Heavy Metal for the Children" in Second Skin, an event with three bands and several DJ, the proceeds of which were given to the child's smile . Almost a year passed until we finally do live and in September we went found headliners at Remedy Club in the context of the "Gods of the Arena Fest".

ML : Soon will release your first EP.Tell us some words about the recordings and the creation of this EP;

BS : The EP will be released entitled "Spread The Blood". The recordings were made in “Made In Hell” studios of my good friend David Prudent, who took over the entire production . It was a very nice experience and we are somewhat unhappy who ended,but we have a good time all and all were very beautiful and surprisingly doesn't took many days and the EP is in the process of mixing and the mastering, which have been undertaken by David. In EP we have guest on the first track the Joanna David and in second track the Kostas Lolis who we playing together in the band Trigger. Would contain an intro written by Kostas . This EP will be released along with a Video clip whose shooting begins very soon .

ML : How take this name the band?

BS : It was like a short film that was stuck in my mind without knowing why,like a couple which was walking alone at night and a thief stop them but the guy refuses to give the wallet etc, the thief pulls out a 9mm weapon and blow up his minds in the air. The blood that fell on the woman's face woke something she had inside her, look like the monster which get out from inside of you,so finaly we have the Awaken By Blood.

ML : Who writes the band's lyrics and music?

BS : In EP to be released, the music as the lyrics,are all written by me with some adds of Alex to some melodies. Ideas starts mainly from me, they all gather in my house,where i have a very small studio and hear the ideas, develop and do preproduction. The lyrics are inspirations,which i have about at 8 am and finally done lyrics to my songs.

ML : Which is the concept of your lyrics?

BS : They have to do mainly with people, situations and emotions like hate, love, sad and revenge. Example, a soldier who is on a battlefield unwillingly, without knowing why, he loses his faith and finally die and in his last times asks his friend to "get" the blood back. Also, for people who are struggling with themselves, addicted to the abuse were are trying to break free but there is a voice inside their,which cry and begging for another "dose."

ML : The band's members works on other projects? 

BS : Yes, we are all in other bands and project. Nick is in Aegnor, the Alex in Carnal Dread, Radagast and live member on my Depressive / Suicidal Black Metal project ,the Depressed Reflection, the Revekka is in Crime Sin,Tolis in Memorain were recently had a tour, and i am in HarleQueen, Trigger and Depressed Reflection.

ML : Billy you have played in various bands like drummer.What was it that made you decide to bother with guitar and how difficult this transition;

BS : The truth is that isn't quite difficult . It was something that liked many years before, but something in the beginning pull more becoming a drummer . Yes, it was enough bands that passed and i'm glad who played on the same stage with such good musicians . Some bands that pass is ArkOvLies as their first drummer , PosTraumaTiC, Revolted Masses and i've played a live with The Puppets from Thessaloniki. There was always a classical guitar in my house when i was little which had maximum two strings. The period started playing drums was when I was 13 , it was my first experience with the metal through my father , begin to grasp the guitar and scratching the strings,believing that they play but finally the only thing have done is to break and the last string . At 17 I begin to play with the guitars of my band's members and started to like me , whenever i borrowed a guitar and one amplifier , i found tabs and attempted to beat the “Seek and Destroy”. Until a friend of mine, Lymperiou from the Dream Devoid,show me how to done palm mute, it sounds like it was playing in a metal bin! I bought a Jackson Kelly , and a small amplifier and starting, playing as long as i can do what I saw in the tabs. With the passage of time,some people would show me something, and i pass forward , put stubbornness and goals. Ever wanted to find a way to write melodies that i came , but I had no knowledge and i can't catch a guitar and just play what I think , I wanted to express myself musically. This was the biggest motivation !

ML : The greek metal scene had and has very good and intersting bands.How will you characterize the current state of greek scene?

BS :
There are very good bands in greek scene that unfortunately comes out because the music industry in Greece is only for bouzouki(greek instrument) music . Others say that the metal in Greece has died , I would disagree ! There's always and anywhere exist metalheads, but we're the metal of sofa. Hardly will go to a concert or for economic reasons or because there is simply don't prefer to support the small bands . You see the Slayer come to Athens and become panic ,do live a band of underground scene and is rare to gather over of 50 people and usually those bands are worth all our attention . The Slayer is constant value in metal, but that value was to get have gotten 30 years , it is time to give a bit to the bands we have and i do not say bands like Suicidal Angels, Septicflesh and Rotting Christ, but for bands that are upcoming and deserve to rise to big stages of Europe and why not of the world !

ML : Plans for lives?

BS : We have not found yet a date, but will definitely do as a release party for our EP and perhaps one more in X-mas days. Will be announced soon on the band's official website on Facebook.

ML : Something to add?

BS : The period that will come the EP of Awaken By Blood, will be released my first EP with HarleQueen along with a video clip.  

ML : A message for Music Legacy's readers?

BS : Stay heavy, support the Greek metal scene and dont' forget to SPREAD THE BLOOD!!!!
In this point we thank Billy for this great interview and we wish the best to him and his band!Check their official facebook profile here.Keep the good work guys! 

Leon Sgourdas

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